45 Colt and 40 S&W collectors?

Are there collectors of recent 45 Colt, and of 40 S&W on the forum? I’ve run across several variations of each lately that defy my comprehension. Examples: I recovered both F-C (F dash C) and BHA-headstamped 45 Colt cases that have the deburred flashhole and small lettering indicative of Starline manufacture. Another bunch of BHA 45 Colt cases with the same internal ring around the flashhole like that found exclusively on Federal-made 38Spl/357Mag, 40 S&W, and 44Spl/44Mag cases. (I’ve no other Federal 45 Colt cases to compare them with.) A box of .PMC. (dot PMC dot) 45 Colt cases with no “made in” anywhere on the cowboy-style box, lot number ELD45LA020, and PMC Ammunition Boulder City, Nevada Territory address. And I’ve seen, but was unable to acquire, boxes of ULTRAMAX 45 Colt ammunition with PMC headstamp with five-point stars before and after PMC. In the realm of 40 S&W, a “Made in R. O. Korea” 165gr JHP box of .PMC.-headstamped cases, lot number LOT:40B-003, and Eldorado Cartridge Corporation Boulder City, NV address. Another box of 165gr FMJ/FP .PMC. 40 S&W, “MADE IN THE USA”, lot ELD40D104, and the same Eldorado Cartridge Corporation address. Finally, a single case headstamped MFS 40 S&W +P. I have Cor-Bon 40 S&W +P, hardly a surprise. But MFS 40 S&W +P?

I collect .40 S&W in a big way. I have not yet seen the MFS 40 S&W +P headstamp, but it doesn’t surprise me, since MFS is the only company I know of that headstamped some Makarov ammunition with the +P marking. I have not been able to chronograph it, but in recoil, their +P Makarov load feels quite normal - that is, it does not give the impression of being “souped up.”

I don’t know what the dash in the F-C signifies. I have never seen it. I would bet it is to identify a case maker however.

MFS Makarov +P, hadn’t even heard of that before. The MFS 40 S&W +P was acquired during their “Lake City” brand production, before their “Fiocchi-USA” production. F-C headstamped cases came in two Federal Champion (blue) 20-round boxes, catalog number C45LCA, loaded with 225-gr SWCHP. Box design copyright 2008, printed 6/09, lot number P8 X514 (24 April 2010). FYI, before I started saving examples, I had 40+ Federal-made nickel-plated TRITON-headstamped 40 S&W cases with the dot before 40 and the internal ring around the flashhole. It was those characteristics that got me into figuring out what companies were actually making which cases. Wish I still had the TRITON cases for sentimental value but they’re long ago sold off as scrap.

I have the MFS 40 S&W + P too

These are some italian proprietary headstamps in my collection:

NTW 40 S&W
CHEDDITE 40 S&W ( N T W around the base)

NTW stands for “North West”, an italian company that sells reloading components and loaded ammo. I don’t know who made NTW and CHEDDITE cases, but I suspect Fiocchi or nny since another italian company, LCM, acquires proprietary headstamped cases from these sources.
Mmmmhhh I miss the LCM 40 S&W samples in my collection, now I will have to look around for them

Isn’t Cheddite French?

In a French relation it is an explosive then:


EOD - Cheddite is an Italian (Possibly a French/Italian) firm that in small arms ammunition used to do shotgun shells only. They have now expanded out into at least pistol metallic ammunition, and perhaps rifle as well. Cheddite headstamps are known on at least 9 mm Para,
9 x 21 mm, and .40 S&W. Probably many others.

45 ACP too

I have some 9 x 21 mm cases headstamped “CH” . This COULD be an early Cheddite headstamp, but I am not sure

CHEDDITE pistol & revolver ammo with plain brass case

9 Luger
9x21 IMI (FMJ)
9x21 IMI (RN)
40 Smith &Wesson (170grs)
40 Smith &Wesson (180 grs)
40 Smith &Wesson (190 grs)
45 ACP (RN)
45 ACP (TMJ)
38 Special (FMS)
38 Special (FP)
380 ACP-9 Corto (100 grs)
380 ACP-9 Corto (94 grs)
357 Magnum (FMS)
357 Magnum (FP)

CHEDDITE “platinum” with nickeled case & bullet

9x21 (124 grs)
9x21 (125 grs)
40 Smith &Wesson
357 Magnum
38 Special

I don’t know why they don’t list the 45 ACP in the platinum line. I have several cases and a box, 228 grains

NTW ( Northwest) list of production, pistol & revolver cartridges

* 7,65 PARA (30 LUGER)
* 380 AUTO
* 9X21 IMI
* 357 MAGNUM
* 40 S&W
* 45 ACP
* 45 L.C.
* 50 AE

NSI ( Nobel sport Italia) pistol & revolver ammo list of production

7,65 Browning
9 mm Luger
9 x 21
380 ACP
38 Special
357 Magnum
40 S&W
45 ACP

I didn’t find the list of production of C 3, I have several 9 x 21 cases headstamped “C 3”

Other italian proprietary headstamps include: APG ( armeria Giorgio Patria) , LCM ( laboratorio caricamento munizioni) , IGF

Note that in early production these factories used cases bought from several sources that have the original headstamp but with a new headstamp rolled around the head of the case. They later started to sell properly headstamped cases but IGF, that I have seen only as rolled mark on Fiocchi 9 x21 mm cases

Several headstamp variations ( letter dimensions and spacing ) exist