45 Colt-Benet primed

I have a side-line interest in copper-cased rimed and inside-primed cartridges from the Civil War era and early Western era. I just got a few cartridges and some of them are Benet primed. Does anyone know who-all produced the Benet primed cartridges? One in particular is a 45 Colt. There’s a ring around the bottom but no head stamp. Any idea who may have produced it?

It was Frankford Arsenal what did it! For only a very short time too. They soon turned to the shorter 45 S&W as the standard.

There was a thread just recently on boxes of both cartridges.


Thanks Ray. I thought you’d know the answer. Did the any other manufactures besides Frankford Arsenal produce make Benet primed cartridges? I have several other non-headstamped Benet primed cartridges of various calibers. I have a couple here on my desk that I’m cataloging now like the 50 Remington Army and a 44 Colt.

I’m far from an expert on Benet cartridges (or anything else) so others will have to answer.


Production quantities of inside-primed ammunition for small arms in the United States was, I believe, made only by Frankford Arsenal with two exceptions: one version of the .44 Smith and Wesson American Martin-primed cartridge was produced by Springfield Armory, and the firm of E. Remington apparently made some Martin-primed .50-70 ammunition for commercial sale. Jack

UMC also made Martin primed .50-70…


What is the difference between Benet primed and Martin primed? Can the difference be recognized by visual inspection or are they basically the same externally? This is the first that I’ve heard of Martin primed as I’ve always concentrated only on .22 boxes and just in the past year decided to expand into other early rimfire/internally primed cartridges.

Thanks for the responses. I always learn new things on this forum.

EDIT: I just thought to look in the IAA glossary and now I can see what a Martin primed looks like. I guess I haven’t come across one yet.

[quote=“30army”]UMC also made Martin primed .50-70…

Hi Randy. I believe UMC also made .50 Martin primed pistol cartridges. M. Rea

Giving a total of four different inside-primed loadings not from FA–one from SA, one from E. Remington, and two from UMC. My thanks to Randy and M.D. for their kind interest. Jack

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