.45 Colt Black Powder Blanks Not For Firearms Use, By Winchester-Western

Seen at the recent KCCA cartridge show, not mine-

Off white box with typed label:

Photo of box contents:

As shown in the photo these are brass case, ring around the case, nickeled primer with red primer annulus and cardboard wad. Headstamp " WESTERN .45 COLT ".

Any idea as to what the intended use was for these cartridges?

Information and discussion most appreciated!



? Early Flame Thrower igniters?
? Engine starters ( 1920s)
? SEISMIC initiators?
? Stud drivers for steel girders?
? Launcher ctgs for line-throwing?
( for electrical linesmen)
? Any other suggestions??

Doc AV

Brian, great box, thanks for sharing.

I don’t have documentation about their purpose, but the line “Not Designed For Firearms Use” can be found in boxes of plastic cased .45 Colt black powder blanks made for sonic fluid level instruments or well sounding devices.



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