.45 Colt Boxes

I collect .45 Colt Singles and Empty boxes (or with 1 or 2 cartridges). Of course, I always need the the pre-1940 boxes, but I also need the current boxes. I no longer shoot my .45 Colt so I have no reason (or can afford) to purchase full boxes of all the newer (1990+) stuff, especially all the new Cowboy loads. If anyone has any empty boxes (Old, New or Non-U.S.) that they are interested in parting with (for free or sale), send me an email.

If you have some boxes, but don’t want to part with them, I can always use scans for my files. I prefer 150dpi Color scans of all 6 sides, but at least the top. Again, please send me an email if you can help me.