.45 Colt Boxes

As many of you know, I collect .45 Colt Revolver, including Schofield and FA Model 1911 and .45 Auto Rim (NOT ACP). I have about 300 or so. I also collect empty .45 Colt boxes (I can’t afford full boxes). If you have any you don’t want or will sell cheap, let me know. I also collect images of the boxes for reference purposes. If you have any boxes you don’t want to part with, I would appreciate a scan of at least the top. If it looks like a box I don’t have (I have about 50 boxes and about 150 box scans) I might contact you by email for scans of all the other sides. I need most any pre-1960 box or scan, but also need many of the current boxes, so don’t think that what you have is too new to be of interest. Please either post the scans here or send them to my email as attachments.

Thanks for any help with my box project.