45 Colt Boxes

I have collected .45 Colt (Sometimes erroneously called .45 Long Colt) for 40 years and have about 99% of all the different individual cartridges loaded in this case type. I stupidly ignored the boxes all those years. Now I want to collect the boxes to go with the cartridges. I would appreciate a scan of at least the top (preferably all 6 sides) of any boxes you have. I need ANY box from the oldest (1873) to the newest (2007). If known, I would like a scan or description of both the headstamp and profile of the cartridge the box contained.

Thanks for any help.

P.S.: See my ad in the B/S/T Forum about purchase of boxes.

This is the only .45 Colt box I have, the 2007 Duke commemorative one.

You (me too) are looking for boxes about 40 years too late - they are far too expensive now, especially in the calibers like 45 Colt and 44 WCF. People are paying so much for the older ones that I’m tempted to cash in on the few I have. Perhaps its good you have already made the concession to settle for pictures and scans in lieu of the actual boxes.

Guy–Oh, I much prefer the actual boxes, but your right, I will settle for scans to be able to study them. I am not in a financial position to pay a LOT for a box. I only have a small VA disability pension for income. I start collecting Social security next October when I turn 62. That will help a bunch.
As for buying the boxes I’m looking for empty boxes with perhaps 1 round in it to establish what was in the box originally. While I would like to get some pre-1900 boxes, there are lots of 1930+ boxes I need, none of which should be TOO expensive, especially empty.

OK, enough about the cartridge. I will be glad to open a new thread on the .45 Colt cartridge if someone wishes to explore this future.

Back to the original purpose of this thread. I NEED SCANS OF .45 COLT BOXES. Someone must have some boxes, old or new, that they can share with me.

The only Remington box I have of the .45 S&W cartridges has the REM-UMC 45 S&W headstamp. They obviously produced these with both the 45 S&W and 45 Colt headstamps, as did Winchester.

To get back on topic, I only have five .45 Colt boxes, all commercial. Those FA boxes have always been priced a little out of my reach, and my deflated dollars have never been able to catch up to their inflated prices. I was surprised to see I had so few boxes in this caliber, but will be happy to take some pictures and get them posted.

Guy–Thanks for offering to post the pictures of your .45 Colt boxes. I’ll be looking forward to them.

Here are a couple of poorly lighted pictures of four of the boxes. Perhaps I’ll try for a better shot when I have better light.

Guy–Thanks for the scans. I have a question about the red box (Lower Right). Is it a U.M.C. box? It is out of focus for some reason and even making it lighter and enlarging it I can not read it.

Ron, I can just about read it. You are right, it is a UMC.

It is a box of UMC .45 Colt gallery loads - the only one I have seen. The side label, while a bit tattered, has portions of the Colts signature, which makes me think these may have been made for them. I’ll try to get out in some of that diffused sunlight that Ray Maketa likes to use for his photography, and see if I can get a picture that is better lighted and is actually in focus.

Here’s a better picture of the UMC 45 Colt gallery box. It is not in the best condition, but I’m quite content with it until a better one shows up that I can afford.

The top and side labels appear to be standard labels that have had red paper strips pasted on them to cover up some of the wording. On the top label, the two strips cover the words ‘ADAPTED TO’ and ‘COLT’S ARMY REVOLVER.’. The cartridges are loaded with a deep-seated round lead ball over a small black powder charge.

This second picture shows the mouths of the cases, which have been reamed out a bit; I assume this is to make loading easier. I’m wondering if the loading machines at the time could handle these gallery cartridges, or if they had to be loaded by hand?

Guy-That is one super box in ANY condition. The first catalog I have listing the .45 Colt Gallery load is 1901. I have the 1890 catalog (Not Listed), then my next one is 1901, so can not pin down the actual introduction date.

It is listed as “.45 COLT’S ROUND BALL” through 1904. In 1905 the listing is changed to “.45 COLT’S GALLERY”. That listing continued to at least 1914 as a Rem-UMC load. I do not have the 1915-16 catalogs, but it is no longer listed in the 1917 catalog. So, that dates your box to 1905-1911.

As for the Colt signature on the side, it just means the cartridges are made to Colt’s specifications, not specifically for Colt.

Here is the page from the 1905 U.M.C. catalog that explains the signatures.

As all of the references to Colts have been covered over with the paper strips, that would indicate that the gallery cartridges were not made to the company specs.

I still need scans of .45 Colt boxes. They do not need to be old boxes. I need a scan of the box you bought yesterday for shooting as much as I need the old stuff. Surely, some of you must shoot .45 Colt and have modern boxes you could scan for me.


Thank you.

Sorry Ron, that was the only Colt box I have. Got lots of other box pics tho.

OK, will try posting images of my extensive collection of rare and pristine 45 Colt boxes…

It worked! Hope helpful.

Rich–Those are GREAT. I really appreciate you posting them for me.

Rich–Would it be possible to get pictures of the bottoms of all 3 boxes, unless they are blank?

Guy–Unless they are blank, could you send me a image of the bottoms of the 4 boxes you post earlier?