.45 Colt Commemorative Sesquentennial 1964 Set

I have a .45 Colt cartridge that is either chromed or silver plated with the headstamp “WRA 45 COLT”. It is a dummy with an indented primer; 1-smooth cannelure on the case and a flat nosed bullet. Both the bullet and case are plated. When I got this cartridge in about 1975, I was told it came from a “1 Of 200 Colonel Colt Deluxe Presentation commemorative with wooden case, dummy cartridges, medallion and Wilson Colt book” set.

Can anyone confirm that the 12 cartridges in a wooden block in this cased set have the headstamp “WRA 45 COLT”?

Go here to see what this cased set looks like:

collectorsfirearms.com/admin … emID=22690