45 Colt

Nice 45 Colt blank. Help, what is it used for ? Launcher or normal blank ?
Headstamp FA 60 1

Thank you

F A 1 09?

This is a Model 1910 Cal. .45 revolver blank cartridge, developed at Frankford Arsenal to produce a more realistic report (bang). As noted in HWS V. I Revised, pp14, “…headstamp dates are little or no indication of date of manufacture as these cartridges were frequently made from second-class or fired cases. In fact a number were made from late Cal. .45 revolver (S&W Schofield) cartridges; those examined have headstamp F A 1 09 and can be recognized by the much small rim diameter (approximately 0.513 in.) and evidence of the original crimping cannelure at the base of the neck.” Like yours.

Thank Mel,
is it officially “type 1”?
Sorry, headstamp is FA 09 1

Better foto:

luger, the headstamp correctly reads 1 09 (January of 1909) not 09 1.