.45 Cutaways

Mostly .45ACP unless otherwise stated, left to right:
Enjoy kevin

45 Long Colt Red Plastic #9 Bird shot
RA/61 Blank
Peters Blank
RP/45ACP Shot
WW1 Revolver UMC-REM stake crimps at neck (right side in pic)
Speer Hollow Point
FA/42 Tracer Maroon tip steel case
FA/42 Plated Dummy
FA/42 Proof Plated case
R-P Wad cutter
ECS/43 Ball steel case
RA/41 Ball
Super X Metal Piercing

Wolfman - Nice work, as always. You’re view of the Super-X .45 MP round got me to thinking about the system used to achieve increased penetration over normal 230 grain ball. That is, primarily a thickening of the bullet jacket at the nose (along with a lighter bullet for increased velocity). Norma did this some time after the Super-X MP round, with a commercial (and perhaps non-commercial) “Armour Piercing” 9 mm Luger round using only a thickening of the bullet jacket at the nose to achieve improved penetration on hard objects. It was sold on the open market in commercial-style boxes and in commercially headstamped Norma brass. Out of the box, it is difficult to identify since there are no special markings such as a tip color.

Does anyone know what company, and with what caliber, used this thick jacket nose system for this purpose?

Sorry John, must have missed your post.

Matt Collins sent me some 9mm pistol rounds to cut once, they all have thick jackets. They are:
S&B 9mm High Performance (very rare)
Norma 9mm Index 211 (the commercial one you mention)
M/39B Military(Swedish?)
Full live M/39B

In looking at the photos of the 9mm’s the jacket doesn’t look thick at all in the Norma & M/39B rounds, (to my eye), but it seems to have a thick layer of ? underneath the jacket between the lead core and the jacket? Am I seeing things?

Pete - I am seeing that too, and very surprised at it. I have seen pictures of the M39B cutaway before, and knew exactly what the lead core looked like (just as it appears in his photo) but I don’t recall the material at the top sides and point of the bullet being a separate material for the Jacket. I don’t have one to cut (You know California) but maybe Wolfgang can look close at his and tell use what the cores are. I guess the main thing would be the internal material of the nose “cone” part of it. When I had these rounds, now in Arizona, before the law changed here, I don’t recall the commercial one having a magnetic bullet, but perhaps it did. It would be nice to know that, also.

Pete, John, I think you just got mislead by the tombak plating on the jacket.

Hi Alex
yes the 'jacket" did look pretty thin, but…still…?


Thick steel jacket, one piece, with copper (tomac) plating inside and out. Very magnetic.
Page 138 in Matt Collins book " Pistol Caliber Penetrators " shows a pic of a sectioned projectile with lead core removed. According to the book, the M/39B was the inspiration for the 25% jacket thickness rule which was an addendum to the 1986 federal ban on pistol caliber armor piercing ammunition.
Another one witch is either very similar to or the same as the Super X 45 MP round is the 1950 version by Rem-UMC 38spl Metal Piercing 110gr Bullet (on right in picture).
There’s also a Chinese 7.62x51 which has an extra thick steel jacket, if your interested in seeing. (I found to be extremely accurate)
Sorry about picture quality, these are all from my old camera!