.45 Enfield

According to Jakob H Brandt’s handbook of pistol ammunition the .45 Enfield is a special cartridge for a particular revolver because of its dimensions. Does anyone know if this is true and if so do they have any other information on the revolver and its associated cartridge?

The .45 Enfield ctg was a loaded at the request of the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police for their .476 cal Enfield revolvers. The NWMP had disliked the recoil of the .476 ctg so DCCo loaded the same case with a lighter bt.

For a very short lived cartridge it is known in two headstamp sizes and two unheadstamped variations with the rim thickness being the difference in the unheadstamped variations.

Interesting cartridge, I had never heard of it. I wouldn’t have described the .476 as being a particularly powerful round anyway so commissioning a lighter load is really quite amazing.
It hardly fits in with the NWMP image of rough tough and ready enough does it?

I have never felt any of the calibres in this generic group of British pistol ammunition (which I will call the .455s for want of a better expression) were any better than they should be. Always lacking that bit extra.