.45 fiocchi blank

I like to show this Fiocchi box with .45 blanks

I like to know what is the code on the inside off the box


Neat box.

Can’t help with the code but the case length looks a little long to me. If so perhaps they are not for a pistol, but a machine gun (Thompson) chambered for movie use? Or perhaps for the Italian market where military caliber ammunition is not so legal??

Very hard to see where these would headspace from the photos, & I may well be wrong for the first time (in the last 5 minutes).

And yes I see the headstamp, but…

still a neat box & thanks Harry

If one looks closely at the cartridges, there is a very slight taper in the “Neck” of the Blank, from the Crimp back to the Body of the case.
This would cause the case to “Jam” on the forward (headspacing) edge of the chamber, and allowing firing to occur, especially in TSMGs (M1A1) with a fixed firing Pin. It would probably also work with a movable Pin 1928A1 as well.

The Headstamp “M11” denotes M1911 type .45 ammo;

The Italian Services ( 1946-1970s) still used .45ACP SMGs ( Mostly Navy and Airforce; Army used 9mmPara. Beretta Guns).
And Yes, .45 ACP was for many years considered “Arma Da Guerra” calibre, and firearms in this calibre totally prohibited to “Civilian” Use and Possession ( Only exception, Movie Industry). Nowadays it is considered “Ex-ordninanza” ( ex Military) and can be possessd by Collectors.

The carton style, markings and origin suggest strongly, a Military Application. GFL was the major ( ?only) supplier of Pistol calibres to the Italian State from the early 1950s to 2000 or so.

Any further info would be appreciated.
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only semiauto pistols and rifles in 45 ACP were prohibited for private citizens. Revolvers were legal but only if loaded with lead bullets.

Since 1996 the 45 ACP has became legal and can be used in every gun with every kind of bullet ( with the exceptions of tracers and AP ones)

Also Capua made pistol cartridges for the italian state

I have also seen this headstamp on standard ball 45 ACP cartridges

Cari Pivi,
Grazie per la chiarifica sulla legalita’ di detenzione di calibre .45 Auto.

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Caro Doc,
auguri anche a te e famiglia