45 GAP types / ICC headstamp

I am working on compiling all of the existing .45GAP loads which are premium hollow points or otherwise somewhat specialty projectiles. It’s not too difficult since the caliber has only been around since 2003, and I have most of them (I am ignoring the FMJ loads and a few basic JHP types to focus on the seemingly more premium stuff). The list I have so far is:

Corbon “DPX” SCHP (160gr & 185gr) (Buffalo Bore also loads this)
Corbon “Pow’R’Ball”
Extreme Shock CT2, EPR, AFR, Fang Face
Federal “Hydrashok” (230gr & 185gr)
International Cartridge (ICC) “Green-Elite“ frangible HP
J.E.K. Rareammo “C.O.P.” SCHP
Magsafe “Defender” 96gr
Magsafe “Swat” 68gr
Magtech “Guardian Gold” 230gr
Magtech “First Defense” SCHP 165gr
Speer “Gold Dot” (185gr & 200gr) (Double Tap also loads 185) (Underwood ammo loads both)
Winchester Ranger SXT
Winchester Ranger bonded
Winchester Silvertip 185gr
Winchester Ranger SF frangible 170gr

Are there any European manufacturers loading this caliber?

I am surprised that RBCD doesn’t carry anything in .45GAP (but oddly they do carry 9x23 & 9x18), and also that Corbon has this caliber only in Pow’R’Ball, but not in Glaser blue or silver. I’m sure that the most difficult to acquire load will be the Winchester Ranger SF frangible, as I have never seen this, and it seems to have been very low production.

I did recently find it interesting that ICC has their own headstamp on a Green Elite load in this caliber, where one would expect to find a starline headstamp for such a seemingly low-production caliber.

CBC of Brazil and Sellier & Bellot of the Czech Republic have made this caliber, but I have only seen those in FMJ ball loadings. There may be others, but that’s all I have. I wouldn’t know how to judge what bullets you would be interested in from what you wrote. I have 49 specimens of this caliber in my own collection, and I don’t have several of the ones you mention.

I have only a factory dummy in the Winchester Frangible, as it was a police-only load. I was close friends with the local Winchester LE Ammo rep, and ye used to give me samples of most everything Winchester brought out. However, he never ordered any of the .45 GAP LE rounds, because he never had one single call from any police department in his region - most of California, and some of Oregon and Nevada, as I recall - to even take a look at this cartridge. You seldom see any guns for it in private hands or on dealer’s shelves in North-Central California - I can’t speak for other areas. It absolutely died here - miniscule amount of interest. If the rest of the country was like that, I am surprised anyone still bothers to make the cartridge.

I will have to see what loads you list that I don’t have, and try to find singles in them. When it first came out, I was trying to keep up to date on them, as I personally felt it would fail and I thought there might be a chance to get them all (dream on, cartridge collector - you never can seem to get one of everything even if only two variations are ever made!).

This was the first I have heard of the ICC round. Interesting.