.45 Gardner Gatling?


Can anyone help me with further information on the following cartridges; they are I think, all variants of the .45 Gardner Gatling. None are headstamped.

The first with a paper patch bullet has the following dimensions; rim 16.8mm, head 14.7mm, case length 61.7 mm, overall length 84.1mm. This I believe is British because of the copper primer (thanks Tony E) but who manufactured these? I have looked in Peter Labbett’s book - British SAA 1864-1938 but can find no information on it.

The next 3 Tony E thinks are manufacture in the US as they have brass primers and no paper patch, who manufactured these?

Rim 17.9 17.9 16.4
Head 14.7 14.7 14.5
Case length 62.2 62.1 60.0
Overall length 84.0 83.5 82.7

The middle two are, I guess, within normal manufacturing tolerances and are the same. The case on the right is significantly shorter.

Any information on the cartridges would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance