45 HP ammo makers

Such as my topic about 9 x21 mm makers,I would like to know what factories have made this cartridge.I believe that in Italy are still avaiable only the cases made by fiocchi
I know these ones:

Geco ( nickel plated & brass?)

I think there would be other factories if this cartridge was sold in other countries too

Piovi - I think those are the only makers. I have the following in my collection, and have not seen others, although surely dummies exist, if for no other reasons than from Trade Shows.

  • HP * 45 HP Ball, FMJ RN; Proof, FMJ RN coarsely knurled rim; Proof, FMJ RN, finely knurled rim). All are plain brass case.

Geco .45 HP Ball, plain brass case, FMJ RN; Ball, nickeled case, FMJ RN; Ball, plain brass case, lead SWC. All three of these have the primer completely lacquered red.

G.F.L. 45 HP Ball, plain brass case, FMJ RN; Ball, plain brass case, FMJ SWC.

The Fiocchi rounds have flat nickeled primer cups with those from Hirtenberger are domed brass cups.

I don’t know of any other makers of this cartridge. It has never been offered in the United States, that I know of.

John Moss

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I have seen the Fiocchi rounds with lead bullets TC and round nose and with TC FMJ ones too,just to complete the record


To complete the record here is a picture of a 45 ACP case compared to a 45 HP one.The differ only for their case lenght.OAL is the same