45 ish projo .... What do I have?

Right side “chrome” bullet in question

When I was given this to ID; it was “easy” to ID as a “45”

When I brought it home and looked closer; (next to a 45 ACP bullet)…not so fast!"

It is clearly larger (caliper @ .49”-.50")

(45’s obviously mic’ing at .44"-.45")

It is mildly magnetic…GM jacket ?

To the eye; looks like would would be a soft “filler” but is very hard (aged?) to touch

PS…the owner insists it is “fired” bullet…certainly not to my limited forensic eye !

Owner says it dates to mid 1900’s…from the Chicago, USA area…could be police related

Help !!

Thanks for any ideas (I await Fede !!)

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Pepper, sorry, I have no idea what it is.



John Moss “Mr Auto Pistol” was stumped at SLICS too. But at the time we were both thinking .45 ACP

To add a bit of Crime Story TV to it…it was removed in autopsy with no link to foul play. Just a coincidental discovery…supposedly in a thigh

The family member will be quite surprised that those who have looked think it did not come out of a rifled barrel !!!

Could it be other than a bullet ???

Maybe we are working up a TV episode 😳

Some kind of shotgun slug?

Related to a medical implant/device?

Looks nothing like a projectile IMHO,

So this was dug out of a dead persons thigh???

Was there any wound from it at the time of the autopsy?

This entire post is just… bizarre?

Definitely a bizarre story behind Pepper’s “projectile”…

Maybe we can start by identifying how many grains the “chrome bullet” is?

And if worse comes to worse, a sectioning of the “chromed bullet” might be in line.

  • Dave

I will weigh the object tonight

The bullet & “bizarre” back story

(This a written and provided to me by a local acquaintance, son of the person in question, who knew of my “interest” in ammunition)

(His mother passed in 2015 at age 88)

The coroner discovered the “bullet” and recovered it from her thigh.

She had no scars, no complaints, was an active walker, no limp, no recollection of any “shooting” incident by family or by lifelong friends, etc. (both her father and brother were Chicago police !!)

My acquaintance and his people are mystified by the object and it’s possibly being a “bullet”.

I have no intention of playing “who done it”…just is this thing a bullet…and what “flavor” ?

I never considered if it could be from a smooth bore weapon (shotgun)…but it still doesn’t fit the history as given to me.

I have been told of some antiquated medical vascular procedures…but again, not without a “back story” surgical history.

Yes bizarre…doubt any “joke” is being played here…I have no “dog in this fight”

Possibly a piece from a medical device (artificial hip)??

I have seen similar devices in a dental laboratory. It could be that this is a dental alloy which would fit with the molding stump. This is delivered by the manufacturers like that. These laboratories mold them ito artificial teeth.



As a Baby Boomer would say “Far Out”

I work in the medical field and didn’t see that one coming !!

Keep the ideas coming; but that one is the most intriging

(I have heard of shrapnel/pins/nails/splinters “migrating” but the “how in the body” & “from where” could be the million dollar question…that will remain a mystery)

keep the hypotheses coming

could become an IAA Journal article !!

It looks kinda like one of the Corbin Base Guard dies.