.45 Maunz wildcat

In the Facebook group “Vintage Antique Ammo Collectors” today, a member posted a couple photos showing a .45 Maunz wildcat, which is somewhat similar to the .45 Raptor I have been posting about in another recent thread. I had never heard of it, but apparently Karl Maunz made a number of Wildcat loads and had some M1 Garands customized for them in the late 70’s / early 80’s

I wonder what it’s dimensions are compared to the .458 Win Mag or .458 Lott (excluding the belt of .458WM/Lott)?

Considering they were used in a Garand, were they based on the .30-06? And plus, possible .45-70 ballistics out of a Garand would be a sweet gun.

I have one in my collection.
Case Length = 2.398"
OAL = 2.854"
Rim = .469"
Head = .499"
Case mouth = .473"
Bullet Dia. = .452" (at case mouth)
It is a dummy made with a new unprimed empty with a bullet seated in it. The headstamp is “45 ------ MAUNZ ------”.
I can post scans if wanted.

Does that mean the case has a rebated rim?

yes mine does anyway.