45 MH Solid case from Dominion, help for date

I am not rich in documentation about Canadian CTG with Solid Case,
I would have liked to be able to date this cartridge approximately … .
Copy of 20211009_145918

Thanks, Dan

Can’t give you a date, but it was well before 1991.
While on an Alaska Cruise from Seattle back in 1991, I stumbled upon a small hardware store in Steward Alaska, that had a lot of old Dominion ammo on the shelf in the back room.
Prices were very good, and I bought a lot of 577/450, 577 Snider and 43 Mauser ammo; all boxer primed, smokeless and non-corrosive.
The boxes were old, I would say from the 60’s or 70’s.
Never saw any Dominion ammo in those calibers again.

John Witzel in his IAA article (423 Jan/Feb 2002) on D.C.Co. headstamps notes it was used until 1948., when it was changed to Dominion. And he shows four variations of the headstamp.

Thanks Gregg & Pete.
I forget to searching in this article 423,
in others IAA articles i see panels with diverses cartridges in productions,
so perhaps time frame is reduced now between 1900 & 1948.
Best Regards, Dan