.45 Roumanian Peabody carbine

I’m having difficulty identifying this cartridge which came labelled as a .45 Roumanian Peabody carbine. It has a 40mm caselength. I’ve found reference to a couple of similar Roumanian and Turkish cartridges but these all have longer caselengths. I’m possibly missing the obvious but I cannot find anything which exactly matches this round although I’d think the headstamp will probably ID this one.

I think you have a Romanain Peabody Carbine rd. I have a picture of the round with a H/S: M 80 79 11

It has the following measurements:

Bullet dia: 11.5
Neck dia: 12.20
Head dia: 15.58
Rim dia: 16.63
OA length: 56.45
Case length: 39.83

Thanks Simon. Who is ‘M’ and what’s the significance of the 79 and 81? Would it be an M1879 possibly?


This is the 500/450 Number 1 Carbine, made by KYNOCH. I have no idea why it is marked “M” and have also seen it refered to as the Romanian carbine.