.45 Soper rifle, carbine and ammunition photos

Hi. I picked up a Soper Express Rifle, I believe, received it Tuesday, took several photos, then last night disassembled it and took many more plus videos. Still wish I was tinkering with it. It’s all back together again. Sopers are now another passion for me. All I’ve captured are in my Miscellaneous folder on my Merrill tribute site (Sopers from the UK - thecure), and have several photo sharing consent requests outstanding. I also have a contact who knows an archivist at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, UK. When the archivist is back at the museum, I’m hoping for several Soper-related historical document copies to come my way, along with photos of the eight Sopers there.

For those here in the forum, if you have a Soper and/or ammunition, or know anyone who does, I’d sure like to add photos of what you have, so I can share with others accessing my site. Please send photos to thecure2021@protonmail.com. Thanks, Eric.

P.S. Still hoping Fede responds to my request for more Argentinian government ordnance documentation related to Merrills…

an empty packet

Thanks Pete. Okay that I share the photo on my site? If so, how would you like me to credit you for the photo? Know any Soper owners? Eric.

sure please use as credit; P. deCoux photo

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some pics attached.


Soper 1873


Great website, very well done.

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Jim, thanks for sharing. Is that Soper yours? I have it as being owned by another, but could be wrong. Could you share another photo or two showing some better resolution on the bullet profile and the back face? Okay to use it on my site? Thanks, Eric.

WOW! Cool rifle, cool website!

Any idea how many Sopers’ were made?


Sadly the gun is not mine - I found those pics in my files here, sent to me some years back by another of my many contacts.
Also I no longer have access to the cartridge. possibly a pic I took at a cartridge meet quite some years ago.



Serials I’ve captured don’t go past 893, and I’m at less than 50 total serials, including eight that are at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, UK. Curator there has consented to have staff take reference photos of all eight (3 photos each I hope), including the experimental Soper falling block/lever rifle. Can’t wait to add them to my site. Eric.

That IS good news, congrats!
As a photographer, I hope they give you more photos, rather than fewer.

I had folks at smugmug.com move my Soper photos and structure over to https:\williamsopertribute.smugmug.com. I stumbled upon a 1st model Soper rifle photo that I don’t recall the source. Came out of a book, as can be clearly seen. Anyone ever seen this photo? Don’t think it came from anyone on this site.


I went to cartridgecollector.net and found three links to different Soper cartridges. Here are the links, plus the correct URL for my Soper site - https://williamsopertribute.smugmug.com


And lastly, there are two photos of William Soper, found today on Sopers of Berkshire - http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~soperstuff/genealogy/soperstuff/Berkshire/berkshire_notes.htm

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