45 x 310R RUSSIAN M.1932

Cartridge for 45mm Type 21-Km saluting gun with the marking on the case :

WMO17/16 3/43

Who can translate !

The only word I recognize is the first one, “холостой” (roughly transliterated as “holostoy”, or “blank”). Sorry I can’t help with any of the rest.


I can contribute the following identification:

XOAOCTOИ = actually “KhOLOSTOI”, means "blank cartridge"
54-XЖE = index of the blank cartridge
45-68 = caliber 45mm, L/68 barrel length (=type of gun)
WMO17/16 3/43 = powder type (WMO 17/16) and lot (3) and year of manufacture (1943)
2-02-31 = lot number, year of manufacture and code number of the loading plant. (However, what sense does it make to produce these kind of cartridges in 2002? Do the Russians still have any naval 45mm guns for saluting purposes on their ships?)

Thanks for sharing these great pictures, I have never seen anything like this. Expecially ineresting are the naval colour markings (red case mouth and red segment on the head) for a blank cartridge and the post-war date (1952 !) of the cartridge case.

Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Yes, Russia still has on all larger vessels 45mm salute guns mounted.

I exchanged this cartridge with a Russian of the frigate CHABANENKO (Clase Udaloy) during their stopover in Brest in 2005 after they returned the salute.