450/400 2 3/8" blank


Who made and what was the exact use for the following cartridge I have. Its a 450/400 2 3/8 inch Blank. Gold plastic or laquered paper topwad with a peice of round paper covering the rimface. Paper has the number 2 on it.
Thank you,
Bob R.


Bob-- Are you sure it is a .450/.400 Blank and not a 11.15 x 61 R Jarmann. I have a round similiar to what you describe, except mine has 1.8 on the pasted on paper and is a 11.15 x 61 R JARMANN HARPOON BLANK. Yours might be a line throwing blank, also.


Your close I believe. Looked in my Cartridge Cases book and it is a 10.15 x 61R Jarmann ( SAA 7000). Very close if not almost identical to 450/400 2 3/8" (SAA 6975) and 10.75 x 60.5R LV 2 Hunting ( SAA 6980).
Do you know what the number on the paper corelates to? How does one date these?
Bob R.


Bob–I think the number is the load strength for use with harpoons for different size animimals or for distance. I’m not sure on the date, but I have had mine since about 1980. I would need to dig it out, but I think mine is a shortened 11.5 not 10.5 Jarmann. Have not compared the head and body diminisions for the two. They are probably the same, only the bullet size being different.