.450 Boxer BP Express-3 1/4


I had such good luck with your kind help getting my unknowns ID’d a friend gave me this one to see if you can tell him what it is.
Case is 3 2/10 " base is .618 ". It is rolled “brass” ,except for down by the base it is normal brass. It is .44 caliber lead paper patch bullet. No head stamp markings.
Thank you for your help.


John–We here on the Forum love identifying mystery cartridges, but, as they say, a picture (even a cell phone picture) is worth a thousand words. A picture, even a poor one, answers so many questions, like, is this case bottle-necked or straight?


The most often encountered spiral wrapped, paper patched cartridges seem to be .577-450 mainly used in the British Martini-Henry military rifles.

Anyway, that’s my guess.


The case is streight no bottlnecking. I looked at the martini cases, not them. The closest thing I found was the .45-120 Sharps. It did not mention anything about rolled brass cases.
I wish I could post a photo but I would need to get involved in yet another web site just to post.
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Here is an easy way for anyone to upload a picture:

You do not need an account or anything and there is only a couple steps.

Go to: http://tinypic.com/
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It sounds like a .450 - 3 1/4 inch black powder express, but until we see a picture one cannot be sure.



TonyE gets the Gold Star for identifying this round. John sent me the following pictures by email. It is a .450 Boxer BP Express 3 1/4 inch.


Thank you all !!!


Good call Tony. (and Ron) you beat me to to it but what a lovely round. A Brass coiled big game cartridge, beautiful.