450 Bulleted Blank?

I have an unusual Revolver blank with headstamp ELEY’S . .450 . total OL is .527 it has an 8 point open mouth crimp which has in the nose under the crimp a lead ball or lead projectile of some kind . any ideas as to what it was intended for ? Thanks Randy

Photos please !!!

Sorry for the long delay in posting the photos folks, but here they are, you can even see the light scratches on the lead nose of the projectile


it is not a blank, it is a short range

Thanks for the photos.

I have not see a short range in 450 in this configuration!

While there is no “Gallery” or “Short range” listed in the Eley catalogues, the Eley workshop notes from the 1905-1925 period to refer to a “150-grain Round Ball full seated and waxed in”. These are not unusual and an be found with the ELEY 450, ELEY LONDON 450 and ELEY 450 NITRO headstamps. They have an open mouth case with virtually little if any crimp. The records also indicate they were available in blackpowder as well as smokeless. I have found no record of a gallery load in a crimped case and if it wasn’t so well made, I would be suspicious. Any chance of a photo of the headstamp and a side shot? Sorry - I know you’re on dial-up !!

Chris P.

Hi Chris

JP - I didn’t say it wasn’t a short range - I said I hadn’t seen one in this configuration (I never claim to have seen ALL the .450s ever made !!).

I think you make an excellent suggestion that this might be a cattle-killer. There was very little information available about what cattle-killers Eley/Kynoch loaded. I have factory drawings and information that indicate that they used both jacketed- and lead-bulleted rounds that looked “normal” (ie: not crimped like this). However, it is entirely possible that Eley loaded a light humane killer cartridge with a crimped case like we see in the photos from “Randy”.

Chris P.

OK here’s 2 more shots side and base



Sorry the photo of the 2 blanks is not a clear shot it looked OK in the small format on photobucket, the blank on the right is a Kynoch one. Randy