.450 Bushmaster

I have found a general description on the Bushmaster site, plus ballistic information on the Hornady site, but can anyone tell me the exact case length? I understand from the Bushmaster site that the case is based on the .284, therefore presumably has a slightly rebated rim.

Thanks for any help.

HI Tony

I measured one and the case length is 43.07mm (1.697"). Rim dia. is 11.94mm (0.470") and head dia. is 12.66mm (.4985").

I’ve just measured my example and the:

case length is 43.03mm
Rim dia is 11.91mm
case dia at base is 12.66mm

Thank you both, gentlemen - a dead heat!

There is also detailed measurement info on Mike Haas’ website: www.ammoguide.com if you are a member. It shows many measurements and loading & performance data. I think it’s a tremendous value myself.