.450 Cattle-killer

In the 1958 ICI catalogue, it lists a cattle-killer round in .450. This it describes as “Cordite Red Tab (Bulleted)”. I can understand the “cordite” and the “bulleted”, the latter to differentiate this from the cattle-killer rounds used in captive-bolt systems, but what does “Red tab” mean??

Interesting!!! It is also nice that it fits in with both your .450 collection and your collection of Cattle Killer cartridges.

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The Kynoch manufactured .32 ACP cattle killer is known (by me) in 3 lead bulleted variations, one of which has a red painted bullet tip. However the box does not note “Red tab”.
Othere two are: plain, & with a large hollow point similar to a “manstopper”.

Well, not sure the British .32 auto cattle killers fit here, but since Pete opened the door to them, I will mention that there are a lot of variations of this round. I have ten in my own collection. Of course, some of these are headstamps and primer markings or lack thereof, but I have the following variations beyond just that:

Red Primer Seal, lead RN bullet with red tip, no neck crimps
Same with three stab-type neck crimps
Red primer seal, lead RN bullet with no tip color, 3 stab-type neck crimps
White primer seal, lead RN bullet with white tip, no neck crimps
White primer seal, lead RN bullet, no tip color, three stab-type primer crimps
Blue primer seal, lead RN bullet with blue tip, no neck crimps
Plain primer, cylyndrical lead bullet with almost full diameter holoow- point bullet (very thin edges), no neck crimps
Same as above, with three stab-type neck crimps\

I am sure the colors have meaning, but I don’t know what. I also don’t know if the absence or presence of a tip color the same as the color of the primer seal has any added significance. That, along with the presence or absence of neck crimps, may only be a product of when the rounds were made.

I also have two French S.F.M. (Soc

Is it possable that the different bullet colors are for different size animals. The captive bolt cartridges have different ratings for pigs, sheep and cattle


you collect cattle killer ctges Chris ??

NO, I do not collect cattle-killers unless they are .450 caliber.

The 450 cattle-killers DO NOT have colored bullets so that eliminates that as a potential meaning of “Red Tab”.

Chris - Unfortunately, I have a poor (almost non-existent) selection of ICI Catalogs. I do, though, have a copy of one from July 1935. While it does not show the .450 cattle killer at all, on its cattle-killer page (Page 60) it does show them in .22 caliber for the Cash-System and Temple-Cox system apparata, as well as .310 for the Greener Humane Killers. It also refers to loads for the Schermer, and mentions that “other sizes of cattle-killers cartridges are supplied - details on application.”

In each case it referes to a colored label, which I must assume is the box label. A “tab” is somewhat similar to a label, and perhaps the later boxes had only a colored tab to show what the loads are for. A “red label” is shown as being for small pigs.

I don’t know what else this could refer to. The way you have typed it in your request (probably directly from your catalog), the only other thing it could refer to ia a “red label cordite powder,” and while not expert on powders, I have never heard of such a thing.

I would almost bet that it refers to the color-code for the intended use of the load.