450 Long inside primer


another one which must be rare I think
450 Long inside primer by Leon Beaux
hstp : 450 Leon Beaux & Cie Milano

case length : 26 mm
rim diameter 13
base diameter : 12.05
neck diameter : 11.56
bullet diameter : 11
total length : 37.25

here again I had many ctges in my collection but none with inside primer


despite the headstamp, this is an SFM made cartridge , I have found short and long cases , loaded and NPE cases at the SFM factory, The inside prime patent was a SFM property.BUT, Rights to manufacture inside primed cartridges were also given to Léon Beaux , the only way to make the distinction between SFM and Léon Beaux or SFIM ,is the type of hstp, which is always raised for SFM


thanks Philippe