.450 MH Line Throwing Blank


I’m hoping someone can jog my [failing] memory: Some years ago, the late John Belton wrote a short article on the Canadian 450 MH Line Throwing blank, an un-necked case usually headstamped “D.C.Co. 45 M.H.”. I thought (but I’m not 100% sure) the article was published in the Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting but I cannot locate it in those copies of this publication that I have.

Can anyone remember where it was published and in which issue, please? This IAA editor would greatly appreciate the help!!

Chris P.



For what it is worth, the old Texas cartridge club did a series of line drawings of MH cartridge types back in 1977 and the only Dominion cartridge included in the series of drawings was a drawn case ball load.

But they did include a drawing of the Kynoch made line throwing blank, see photo below.



The straight case D.C.Co. 45 M.H. is a saluting blank, last I’d heard as per Mr B.
here is the box for the blanks illustrated in Brin’s above post. However I have both the dummy and live versions and neither is copper plated./ washedBSA%20line%20trrowing%20box

The index I have goes through the 1st 20 years & looking at the 577.450 heading listings I found nothing relating to this. sorry


I am looking for the ARTICLE the Canadian version by John Belton. I believe he initially thought it was a line-throwing blank. My question isn’t its identity - I’m trying to locate the article.
Chris P.


The index I looked through was the Canadian Arms Journal index for the 1st 20 years.
My copies of the journal after that are hit or miss.


I cannot help with the Belton article but since I pulled these items from my collection and did a photo at 2AM in the morning I still wish to post it.
The headstamp is : KYNOCH 577/450. with green wax or paint on the crimp.
Shows a different Line Throwing box dated 12 O M (12 August 1964?)


Interesting cartridges. Thanks to everyone who posted. (Sorry, Chris, I cannot help with your initial inquiry.)

I would be VERY interested in learning more about what line throwing guns these were used in, and any reference material related to the line throwing guns or cartridges or projectiles, or photos showing them in use, catalogs, newspaper accounts, etc.

I have seen reports of a Japanese Navy marked .577/450 Martini style line throwing gun. There are also some images of British fire department or Royal National Lifeboat Institute use, but mainly as “cigarette cards.” The only .577-450 line throwing gun I have encountered is one with cast iron butt, presumably used by one of the fire fighting units.

My research on line throwing guns of all types suggests that they were probably available for use by firefighters nearly as much as in the maritime life-saving or replenishment at sea operations.



Do you have a date of manufacture for the box marked for BSA Line Throwing Gun?


Alan David


Howdy Alan
I have two boxes & the codes on them are: 7 L ? on the one upper & "7 L A " on the belowDSCN4124 DSCN4125