.450 New South Wales Police

A late 19th century cartridge used in NSW (Australia) Police Alexander Henry Carbines. I have seen it described as 2 1/2" or 2 5/16".
There are apparently two variations of this cartridge (cup and cannelure differences).
The only IAA Journal mention is in issue 384 Jul/Aug 1995 with a label and limited details along with a query.

Does anyone have more insight into this cartridge or pics of the two variations?

If you read this


The statement is made that the contract was filled by Wesley Richards which is revealing. I would therefore assume that the cartridge(s) were ones within the Wesley Richards family of 500/450 varients ie No1 Carbine, No1 Express, No1 and No2 Musket.

I think you might have just answered something that I have wondered about in the past, where did the ‘carbine’ tag come from.

Vince the .450 NSW police was a straight cased round with a Boxer coiled case.

Matt I believe both Hoyem and Flemmings British books have photos & mention of both.

From our sale 6 lot 304 here is a photo of the 2 5/16" The 2 ½ is a paper covered boxer case.

Thanks. Unfortunately I havent picked up Hoyem or Flemming books yet.