.450 Schuster?

Saw this cartridge listed in the CIP database. Any info about this number?
Looks like a wildcat based on the 30/06 or 308 Winchester, cut down to 23,81 mm and loaded with a .451" bullet.
This should be very similar to the 451 Detonics

Never heard of the .450, but there was a .270 Schuster briefly mentioned on the web a few years ago (see: thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011 … -patented/ )

Incidentally, I find it surprising that that no major manufacturer produced a .270/308, it should have been a useful performer.

Wildcatters have for years been experimenting with the 7,62 NATO case necked to .270. If I’m not mistaken, the original 270-08 dates from the early 50’s, just after the launch of the 308 Win. Below are two examples of basically the same idea. The 270 Redding is a “slightly improved” version of the original 270-08. I would presume a wildcatter can explain the “slightly improved” - maybe a little bit of Ackley treatment. The 270 SABI is a local cartridge in our neck of the woods and has a small but relatively loyal fan base. Developed by SABI Arms in Nelspruit, a town near the Kruger National Park and smack in the middle of some seriously good bushveld hunting. I have actually hunted with some of the locals there who swear by it. In my opinion the likes of the 260 Remington and the 7mm-08 effectively killed the 270-08 idea because of the availability of factory loaded ammo for the same or almost the same ballistics, same as the 6mm Remington killed the 243 Rockchucker.


True, but the 7mm-08 came out in 1980 and the .260 Rem in around 1996, so there was a long gap after the original early-50s wildcats during which the big manufacturers ignored the 270-08 or anything like it.

Winchester was in a perfect position to introduce a .270-08 as they had already developed it for Project Salvo’s Homologous Series. My guess is that they didn’t want to cannibalize the market for their existing .270 Winchester.

Wasn’t there an article in the IAA Journal several years ago about a cartridge board recovered during the Winchester factory liquidation? It displayed a series of Homologous cartridges and other .308 variants being considered for commercial release.

I think you are probably right, but that doesn’t explain why Remington (or some other maker) didn’t pick it up: AFAIK they didn’t have anything in that class at that time, and it would have given them a potentially popular rival to Winchester’s .270.

The 450 is listed in the CIP database as a pistol cartridge. Head and rim diameters are about 12.04 mm, so it may be obatained from 30/06 or 308 brass cut down to 23 mm

Anyway, many versions of the basic 308 win necked down to .270" ( .277") exists. The SABI and the Schuster variation are not simply necked down versions of the 308 being slightly improved… also wildcats with shoulder angles increased up to 40° are listed by various die manufacturers


Anyway, many versions of the basic 308 win necked down to .270" ( .277") exists. [/quote]

Yes, I know. I was merely puzzled that none of these was ever adopted by a major US manufacturer, given that Winchester had made the .270 popular and it was an all-American calibre which struck a nice compromise between those furrin 6.5mm and 7mms! ;-). Yet almost everyone (Weatherby excepted) ignored the .270 calibre until Remington introduced the 6.8x43 SPC, which is a very different kind of beastie.