.450 Short Revolver Cartridge book by Chris Punnett

We are offering new copies of the new and most interesting book titled: "The .450 Short Revolver Cartridge (A History of Its Production and the Companies that Made It).” by Chris Punnett.

This book is well illustrated with life size color photographs, grouped under the various countries and their manufacturers. Plus he includes solid information about these ammunition makers or retailers, and shows numerous box label photos. With a laminated cover, it is 132 pages, 81⁄2" x 11", and is wire bound.

For a book review offering a more complete picture of this book see the upcoming IAA Journal issue 498.

The IAA member price is only, I say only, [color=#FF0040]$45.00 plus $5.65 postage.[/color]

We offered to do this so US buyers will not have to pay postage from Canada to use it and add it to their library.

PLEASE DO NOT PM me about this, but [color=#BF4040]PLEASE do[/color] use my e-mail address = [color=#4080FF]pdbullets@commspeed.net[/color] for contact.

Your check or money order for payment is preferred. Please make payable to: Pete deCoux, and thank you.

Overseas and Canadian buyers please contact Chris.