455 Arabic Script

Howdy Gents, This 455 mark 2 Revolver has an interesting Arabic Script on the headstamp, anybody know what country this was made for and what the Arabic writing says


sorry the pic is so big but at least its nice and clear, hope someone can answer my questions, Thanks Randy

The “word” to the left looks a bit like Misr (Egypt). I’ve never seen a headstamp like that.

It looks like the round is a K C II with the rest overstamped.

I agree with Armourer. I don’t know the significance of the overstamp, but you can plainly see the “C” in the headstamp.

I’d like to see more than one round with this same exact headstamp. I could be that there was something on the bottom of the case when the bunter struck it, causing the odd markings.


Can you post a profile shot to see if it is an original bullet or a non-standard reload?

It’s a standard issue lead bullet with the cannelure just below the case mouth and all original factory Randy