.455 Box - correct?


I wondering if these .455 rounds belong to this box. The rounds sit proud, but the spacing is good.


Also, does anyone have a better box label? The one on this box is destroyed.

Thanks and hope all are well,


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Hi Paul,
Due to the shallow / short sides on the lids of these tins it would be my guess that it’s a .450 box.
Most all I’ve seen the rounds are of slightly shorter height then the bottom sides.
Just noticed your tin seems to be for Boxer cartridges. “XER”?


Thanks Pete - I suspect you are right. While these .455 rounds have a long OAL length, even shorter variations are too tall for the box.

Beautiful .450 tin. Thanks for showing.


Hi Paul
I have several Eley tins of various case types but all the label layouts & text are all pretty much like the .450. I do have a couple of paper packets where “BOXER” is mentioned on the label. So only thing I can think of.
Nice bunch of MK I’s you have.