455 Eley help please

Hi all, I got this .455 Eley cartridge today. Anyone help with some info please?

Jonathanimage image

Its called a “Man Stopper”.
It is in effect a big wadcutter projectile.
Would love to see the head stamp.

Photo below from Tony Edwards page (above), three versions of the “Man Stopper” bullet Mk III, Mk IV and Mk V


It looks as though someone has cut off the exposed lead portion of the bullet in the cartridge shown in your photo.


How deep is the hole below the piece of felt?

Cant be a manstopper the normal way but might be a turned manstopper that is chopped.


The bullet is flush with the case neck. i will post more photos ASAP. the case length is the same as a MK i it has a rolled neck crimp with 3 stab crimp marks at the same height as the MK i. it is not felt that can be seen but looks like clay…


Sorry about quality of photo


The only clay plug bullet i know of for the Webley revolvers is the Enfield MKIII
It definetly looks lige the chopping was done on a lathe.


I just cant bring myself to dig deeper too see what is in that hole:(

Chickenthief, measurements are spot on for the enfield as you suspected. So this is an Eley .455 Enfield cut down 😔. Why would someone do that? Making there own man stopper? It would do the job!!!

Here is my one and only Cartridge S.A. Ball Revolver .455 inch Mark III.

My understanding was that only the MkIII was referred to as the man-stopper, given the deep ‘hollow point’ cavity. It was this characteristic that contravened both the St.Petersburg Declaration and the Hague Convention and was the reason it was ceased.

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