455 Mk. 6 revolver info

I would like some more info on this round , the headstamp is K 6Z standard looking primer and fmj bullet with 3 long deep neck crimps , made by Kynoch but when was it made and for whom, was this a special contract and not used by the Brits ? thanks Randy

These rounds were made in the 1960s for a variety of ex-colonial military and police forces. At various times Kynoch filled contracts for .455 for Egypt, Jordan, Eire, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and many others.

There is no way of telling where this particular round went, other than to say it would not have been for British miliotary use.


To further TonyE’s comments - the ‘K 6Z’ as far as I can determine was only made from February - November 1964. The earliest loads used 4.6 grains of 81m/m mortar ctg propellant as did later loads which however changed to the No.69 primer. The last loading in November 1964 was for internal Kynoch use (1000 rds of C.W. (Current Work) Standards and used a different nitrocellulose propellant SR4898.

Hi Tony and John, thanks for the info Randy