455 Webley Auto


Good morning Folks , can anyone assist with a list of the years and by who that the 455 Webley Auto Mk. 1 Military cartridges were manufactured by the Brits. or where I may be able to get the info. thanks Randy


Known manufacturers and headstamps I am aware of:

Eley Bros 1912 -1918 (E 12 I etc.)
Birmingham Metals and Munitions 1913-1918 (B 13 I etc.)
Unknown 1917 (C 17 I, Blackened case)
RL 1939-42 (R^L 39 I etc.)
Kynoch also made some I believe in the years between the wars but I do not have details.



I have seen a Royal Laboratories 1938 round, it was headstamped “R/|\L 38 I”


Also made in India early 1920’s - Kirkee Arsenal (K^F 25 I) etc. Apart from Peter Labbett ( British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938) Lynn Harris published a good booklet (Webley’s .455 Auto Pistol Cartridges).


Oops John, I forgot about the Kirkee!



Thanks guys regards Randy



I have seen Royal Laboratories 1930, 1935 et 1936 rounds.



1928 is first date for R^L hst on .455 Mk1.


I’ve got Eley rounds from 1914, 1917, and 1918, and Royal Lab rounds from 1936 and 1939.