.455 Webley Mark I OAL

Can this cartridge be chambered in any standard .455 Webley Service Revolver? The OAL of my example (an Eley commercial round, hstp “- ELEY - LONDON”) is 36.3mm (1.385") compared to an OAL of 31.54mm (1.242") on a Mk II example. (hstp “R/|\L 39 II”)

Anyone? This must be a simple answer.

Falcon - I don’t have an exact answer for you, but I do remember we used to sell Dominion “.455 Colt” ammunition in our store, until there was just no more of it to be found - I am talking of fairly recent manufacture, probably 1950s or so. It had a case longer than the standard FMJ-bulleted .455 Webley ammo (don’t recall the Mark) that we obtained once in awhile, in little grey 12-round boxes with green print, as I recall, and yet there was no trouble using the .455 Colt ammunition in Mark VI Webleys, Colt New Services marked Eley .455 as the caliber, and in the .455 M1917-type Smith and Wesson revolvers. The Dominion ammunition was in 50-round Blue and Yellow boxes, I think. Been awhile now since I have seen any, and my rotten memory may be playing tricks on me about the box colors.

I don’t know if this helps with your question or not. Am amazed that none of your countryman have rused to answer this. I am sure it is a simple question for someone more familiar with revolver ammunition than am I.


I don’t know the answer but a little research should get you there. Go to the Home Page and click on the article on 455 cartridges. Might be some clues there.

Good Luck



The answer is yes, all of the .455 Webleys had a chamber which would accept the long cased rounds as well as the shorter mark II to mark VI rounds. The photos show a selection of commercial long cased rounds, a Mark I cordite, mark II cordite, mark VI, pulled mark VI bullet and the cordite charge from the pulled round.

The headstamps are ELEY LONDON ; ELEY LONDON 455 ; R^L C I ;R^L 39 II and K41 VI.

The earlier rounds were blackpowder. After the adoption of cordite the case capacity was way too big and the mark II round resulted. The tiny charge of cordite shown will actually fit inside the base cavity of the bullet so even the short case has plenty of room.

I owned and shot two Webley Mark VI revolvers, until the big confiscation. The chambers would accept both case lengths but tended to form a hard ring of fouling in front of the short case. I was in the process of making the tooling to convert 45 Colt cases to Webley mark I when the ban came into force.


Cheers Dave, that answers my question.