455 Webley WSC

I have been told this headstamp W.S.C. .455 is for Webley Scott Co and Wilkinson Sword Co ,can someone please tell me which is correct, thanks Randy

Never seen a box Randy - but I believe W.S.C. stands for Wilkinson Sword Company. All the ‘WEBLEY’ hst’s rounds I have or have seen have the full name. Also - ‘WILKINSON’ is normally fully spelt for their proprietary hst’s - except this one - which is unusual in having the nickel primer. There is some speculation that it is not British made.

Thanks John, any one out there have a box ? would love to see a Pic, so would John Randy

A 455 round with the headstamp W S C was listed in the last or perhaps second last Australian Cartridge Collectors Association auction, it was listed as a target round by Wilkinson Sword Co from memory.
Do not still have the auction lists, I nit pick information of interest and post them on to a friend with interests in older firearms .