.458/.411 Win Mag

I have a cartridge this is identified as a .458/.411 Win Mag.

Can anyone post a photo of this round to compare to my example?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has a photo of it.

It should be very similar to the 416/338 or the 416 Taylor,only using 411" bullets


What Pivi said. There are several of those cartridges, all very similar and hard to distinguish. Bullet diameters ranged from 401 thru 416 and cases were anything from 300 Win Mag to 458 Win Mag. More than one of them are now 'factory".

I have several in my collection but don’t know if I have any photos in my album. If you have one in your hands, that’s what the others will look like.

And don’t forget, they are wildcats. One guy’s version may be different than another guy’s and yet have the same name. Or they could be identical and have different names.

There are also 42 caliber versions.