.458 b&m

There is a cartridge made by Quality Cartridge Company called the .458 B&M. It is evidently a 300 Remington Ultra Magnum necked up to .458. Does anyone know what the “B & M” stands for? I have that inquiry from a friend, but I don’t know.


Pivi has several of the B&M cartridges that he got from the designer/maker. Drop him a PM. He told me what it meant but, unfortunately, I didn’t write it down and my memory cannot be trusted.


Yes,it is a shortened and necked down 300 RUM case.Other variations include 50" and 416" bullet diameters.These wildcats were created by Micheal Mc courry and Brian Alberts.I don’t know what B&M stand for,I think it could stand for Brian & Micheal.

As usual, good information from good sources! Thanks Ray and Pivi. Pivi, I think you are right about the first names. I was already told in personal correspondence by another collector that the “M” probably stood for “Michael” so that would pretty much confirm exactly what you said.

Thanks guys. I will immediately notify the party that asked me.