.458 SOCOM headstamps


I was recently looking into .458 SOCOM headstamps and had found only three of them: Starline (which most loaders use), SBR - only SBR in Georgia uses for the most part, and then INCEPTOR, which Polycase uses to load their ARX frangible bullets into.

Just today however saw that on the Facebook feed for XCaliber Ammo of Hudson, Ohio that they now have cases as well. They posted the below image yesterday:

That is the only photo I have found so far,and I don’t think the cases have made it into the retail stream yet. Probably by February or March they will. If XCaliber has a table at SHOT show, then I’m sure this will be their big thing there. I’d make keychains out of it anyway for something like that.

The next most likely to get into .458 SOCOM headstamped brass would be loaders like Underwood or Freedom Munitions. I’m a little surprised at this point that Hornady and Double Tap aren’t getting into this caliber.


I have a lot of Xcaliber 458 SOCOM and it’s all starline and inceptor brass. I have another large shipment coming end of this month. Would be cool to see their new brass.


Here are some images of the XCaliber box and headstamp.