.458 SOCOM SBR loadings

The latest issue of the IAA Journal includes a very interesting report by Lew Curtis and George Kass on the S.H.O.T. Show. Included was a photo of a large display of different .458 SOCOM rounds from Southern Ballistics Research, including tracers and incendiary spotters made for the US Government. SBR’s website gives no details of these.

Does anyone have any data on these rounds (or close-up photos of them I could use)?

Does anyone know which branch of the US Government is using .458 SOCOM weapons?

Thanks for any help.

To the best of my knowledge, the .458SC and .50 Beowulf have seen only very limited end-use OCONUS (Army and PMC organizations), with most of the cartridge production and development being for candidate/test programs.

Some of the folks at SBR are great to talk with via telephone. I’m glad they picked up the .458 with some vigor; Cor-Bon’s offerings left me unimpressed (vanilla FMJ/JSP/FMJ).

I’ll see what I can dig up.

Spoke with Singleton today via telephone, knowledgeable and helpful as always. He was very positive about IAA having good info on his company and products.

He’s sending me materials and samples of .458SC and other calibers (our agency is evaluating frangible pistol ammo, so the call was two-fold). If IAA does an article on SBR, or .458SC involving SBR, we’ll send him a proof before publishing to ensure correctness and to include possible redactions (per our conversation there is current overseas end-use [text ‘US GOVT UNSPECIFIED USER’] and restrictions on development info).

There are much better, more experienced article-writers in IAA, so I’ll likely forward the info to someone more able, along with photographs of the components, etc. that I get.

My agency is at present (sadly) not allowing .458SC as a duty caliber…

Thanks for that. I’d be interested in receiving copies of any materials concerned with this, so I can not only write them up for the ECRA Bulletin, but also put them in the small arms section of Jane’s Ammunition Handbook (I edit both).