458 socom


I have a 458 SOCOM in my collection.

The headstamp is * 458 * SOCOM.

Does anyone know who the manufacturer might be?

Thank you.


But it’s quite impossible say who was load it.

The only manufacturers that I’m aware of are CorBon and SBR Ammo. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure CorBon uses it own headstamp for their .458SC stuff. Never used SBR, at least not yet.

If you Google ‘teppojutsu’ or ‘.458 SOCOM’, you eventually wind up at the creator’s site (Marty Ter Weeme). Lots of good info, and Hornady and others are now offering solids and other good purpose-built projectiles designed for the .458SC.

Early .458 SOCOM ammo was made by Corbon using the Starline brass. My early sample has the standard - stamped case with the 300gr JSP.

dakotaammo.net/Search.aspx?s … text=Socom