458 Win Experamental question

On another board a gent has a question about a box of 458 Win Mag cartridges he purchased (for use as shooting fodder !). Below is from his original post.

[quote]I picked up a box of Winchester 458 magnum the other day, planned on building, now wondering if I should shoot it… Might it have some collectible value? I tried to register on the Cartridge collectors for several times, but apparently no one wants me there.

It is a 1950’s Winchester red and yellow 30-06 box, that has had the end flaps painted red, and “experimental” stamped on it. On the side it is printed “458 Winchester magnum”.

The headstamps are bare, sealed silver primers, the bullets appear to be 500 or so grain solids.

I am thinking these are very early factory test ammo??? Will try to get some photos.[/quote]

Any input, from those in the know?

Thanks Tailgunner, I can sign in now.

That’s neat stuff - don’t shoot it!