.45ACP Hirtenberger

Anyone familiar with H * 1935 * headstamped .45ACP ammunition? I did not find any reference in M

Fernando, Are you sure the date is 1935? I have only seen this headstamp on .45 with a 1933 date, and on all the lists I have seen, only the 1933 date has been reported.

I personally suspect that it was a contract for Argentina. As I recall, although using the .45 caliber pistol from as early as 1914, Argentina didn’t start production of their own ammunition in this caliber until 1936. Further, many of the dated (and undated) European .45 cartridges, as well as specially headstamp (1927) U.S.-made rounds and those with normal commercial headstamps, have all been found in Argentina, even made into dummies there (examples are known from Hirtenberg - both Austrian factories and the one at Dordrecht in Holland, and FN and CB in Belgium.) The timing would be right, if dated 1933 or 1935, for this cartridge to have been one of the many contracts for Argentina. I have no documentation for this, by the way. It is simply my opinion that Argentina was the likely destination for that contract. Few cuntries were using the .45 caliber then, and Norway, one of them, was already years in production of that caliber ammunition by the mid-1930s. There was also an established relationship between Austria and Argentina for ammunition production, as evidenced by rifle ammunition and by the 1928 HP .45 Auto ammunition that we know was for Argentina.

Please confirm the date for us. To those of us who collect this caliber, that is very important.

I must apologize, the correct headstamp reads:

HP * 1933 *

I seriously need some glasses. I had never seen it before here in Argentina, it turned up with three boxes of the HP 1928, both variants with gap between characters and regular.
Is this 1933 ammo from Austria or is it also from Holland? Common round?

Fernando - I would not call the * HP * 1933 headstamp on .45 common at all. I have it in my collection, but have never had a dupe of it or even seen one for sale at a show other than the one I got years ago.

I am not sure at all anymore about which of the Hirtenbert rounds are made in Austria and which are made in Holland, at Dordrecht. I used to think I knew which ones, but as my collection has expanded, it has become a confusing issue for me.

I hope one of these days to start something up regarding several calibers and get the Dutch collectors involved, on the hope that they can sort it all out.


maybe a little off topic, but this is an image of a dutch .45" box produced in Dordrecht for Argentina…

(image is taken by Hank Baks)


Thank you John and Joost!

I spoke with different collectors here and they did not know the headstamp. The box is the one for the HP 1928 and is the same one these 1933 ones came in, but the seal was broken, so no way to know for sure.

I have also a box with .45 cartridge headstamo HP 1928