46 ex-long rimfire

According to Charles Suydam The American Cartridge UMC was the only company to load the 46-57 exlong? I believe I have seen a US Cart Co with a 46 ex-long listing? if so what are the distinguishing marks? Thanks Vic

For distinguishing, distinguishing marks John Barber has a list in the back of his Rimfire book. Also Jim Scones published a excellent, easy to use listing in a Rocky Mountain Cartridge Collectors Journal, which I believe was later re-printed in the IAA Journal.

I’ve never seen a 46 Ex-long by US Cart but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Barber doesn’t mention them in his book either. I’d be interested if some one can find a listing in an old USC catalog. It would give me something else to look for.


Could you give me the IAA journal with the list, I have misplaced the index cd so it may take me a while to find by hunt and seek. John Barber’s book sells above my price range. Thanks Vic


US Cartridge Co cases typically had tool marks on the rim usually evenly distriduted. If you run you finger nail over the top inside edge of the rim, you can normally feel them. Some early UMC cases had tool marked unevenly distibuted on the rim. All the UMC 46 Extra longs I’ve seen have no tool marks on the rim or base. Since I’ve never seen a US Cart. Co. 46 Extra Long I can’t comment on the bullet. Normally USC used a heavy belted bullet. All the bullets I’ve seen in 46 XL look like the one pictured in Suydam. I know that one is UMC because the bullet is identical to the impressed “U” 46 XL board dummy.


you can down load the index from the home page