.46 WCF in Journal #467

Just couldn’t resist the delightful drawing from Mr. Shuey in the most recent journal. It is interesting to note that the drawing scale is not to dimension as far as the neck length and overall length goes. The neck is dimensionally about 0.10" longer by dimension than the drawing shows. If the OAL and case length call outs are used, the bullet ends up seated not to the beginning of the shoulder.

I wonder if these dimensions were changed on the “STYLE 2” version from a first style drawing with everything to scale?

The following is generated from the dimensions given with a little artistic license and the head stamp as shown in the recent SLICS auction. (Based on the price realized, this is probably about as close as I will get to one!)
Sorry about the detail lost in converting to a postable format.


The detail looks great to me. Nice work.