.46 wcf

Recently saw a “new” wildcat in one of the regular gun magazines that’s called the .475 Turnbull for '86 Winchesters that is a .50-110 necked to .475 dia. and shortened a bit. The recent SLICS auction listing shows an example of a .46 WCF and I was wondering if it is also a .50-110 case necked down (to .458 dia.)? Or perhaps a .348 blown out like a .450 Alaskan?

Any info on the .46 WCF would be appreciated!


Dave-The .46 WCF is more properally known as the .46 O.F. Winchester. Here is the page from “The History and Development of Small arms ammunition” Vol. 2 by George A. Hoyem. As you can see, it has nothing to do with the .50-110.


I believe that the 46 WCF and the 46 O.F.Winchester are two completely different cartridges. JOURNAL #380 has a dimensioned drawing of the WCF and that is the case being offered on the SLICS auction.

With a rim diameter of .602, a base diameter of .545, and a CL of 2.406 it would appear that it was indeed based on the 50-110.


Ray–If those are the diminisons, then I would agree that it is NOT the .46 O.F. Winchester, which has a case length of 1.44 inches and a rim of 0.632-0.637 inches.
When I posted my answer I did not have the diminisions of the .46 WCF in the SLICKS auction, so just jumped to the conclusion it was really the .46 O.F. Winchester.

Ray and Ron,

Thanks for the input and information. I had never seen a .46 WCF before and had just seen the .475 Turnbull and my thought were that it had pretty much been done before (a long time before!).



To clarify - the dimensions I gave were taken from the drawing in the JOURNAL. I do not know if the case in the Auction has the same dimensions. It does “look” the same.

The 46 O.F. Winchester was/is a two piece case. I recall that there were some that were faked.


In Dan Shuey’s book vol II he lists 3 types of the 46 WCF on pages 161,162 & 163