.460 Alliance armor piercing hollow point


Alliance Armament has come out with a wildcat for a custom modified AK47 which they sell. They call it the “.460 Alliance” and it is the same sort of idea as the .458 Socom and the .450 Bushmaster for modified AR’s, except this is to give enhanced knock-down power for door-kickers using an AK. The brass is modified Remington 7mm SA Ultra-Mag with rem headstamps of that caliber. Among other loads, they make a 300gr APHP load which is a hollow brass body with a steel core having 2000fps and 2665 ft lbs energy:



Matt, interesting! Any idea as for the case length?


I hope someone from the US will be bringing some of these over to sell at the ECRA International in Germany. Along with .300 Blackout, 7.62x40 Wilson Tactical, 6x45 XC, 6.5mm MPC, .30 Rem AR and a few others…


It should have a 41 mm case lenght ( look at the picture where it is compared with the 7,62 x 39 mm) . So they probably cut down a RSAUM more or less at the shoulder ( 39 mm) and then neck the body down to .458".

Tony, my 6 mm XC sample has a 48 mm case lenght. Is it the same as the 6 x 45 XC you mentioned or is that round a shorter version?


48mm is right, Pivi - I was mixing it up with the 6x45 Cor-Bon (which I also need!)


Well, the 6 x 45 is an old wildcat also made by a few custom makers with correct headstamp. I think that Cor Bon just adopted it as a proprietary caliber


Tony I will have the .300 Blackout for sale at the show in Oldendorf



Yes, that’s my understanding. I only get really interested in cartridges when an established maker offers loaded rounds, properly headstamped.


I really wish Alliance had gone the extra step and had their brass for this caliber custom headstamped/manufactured by Starline or whomever. Since they have custom AK firearms stamped with their name & caliber, and nice packaging already made up for the cartridge… It might be that they are selling too few to justify such a large order as that would necessitate, and that modifying the 7mm SAUM brass saves them money for now. But with other obscure calibers like .50GI having unique headstamps, and cases from makers like SBR having custom headstamps, it must be getting more affordable to have done?


Good! I’ll keep an eye out for them.