.460 Dan Wesson Super Magnum


I am looking for any info about the cartridge above. Purpose, historical background, technical data, etc.
Any help would be highly appreciated.



Interesting that one of these is already in Hungary. All I can tell you about it right now is that the brass was made by the Bertram Bullet Company, in Australian, for Dan Wesson Arms. I am not even sure yet what kind of firearm it is for.


Actually it isn’t here yet. I bought one on eBay and now waiting for it.


It is for a double-action revolver. Dan Wesson revolvers, particularly the SuperMags, have been very popular with Handgun Metallic Silhouette shooters. IHMSA competitors use steel targets shaped as animal silhouettes. There are ten of each animal: chicken, pig, turkey, and ram. Chickens are set at 50 meters, pigs at 100m, turkeys at 150m, and rams at 200m. The targets must be knocked over in order to score.

The SuperMag series of cartridges were designed by IHMSA founder Elgin Gates. Gates wrote up the history of the cartridges in the 6th Edition of “Cartridges of the World.”


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Also, there is a list of all of Elgin Gates’ SuperMag variations in Issue 377 on Page 34.