.460 g&a #2

I am looking for dimensions for the .460 G&A #2. The .460 G&A #2 is a rimmed cartridge, for double guns, based on the .50-140 Sharps or .50 Basic case. I would suppose it was written up in Guns and Ammo magazine like its’ sibling, the .460 G&A (#1). If you have the original write up, for the #2, I would like to see it.

The .460 G&A (#1) was written up in a 1971 issue of Guns and Ammo and that article turns up in a google search. It was base on the .404 Jefferies case necked up to .458 and blown out. Information on the less popular #2 version is harder to come by.


I sent the dimensions to Jean at ECRA but will forward them to you as well today when I’m at the office. I don’t know when the next ECRA database upgrade will be out.



Thanks Daan,
And here I was checking books. I should have checked your site first!

Great pictures! Thank You Daan. That is absolutely the best image I have seen of the .460 G&A #2. I am still hoping to turn up the original G&A article and looking forward to your dimensions. Does anyone here know if Guns and ammo has an online archive?


Daan - could you please post the dimensions here, on the Forum, as well?

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John Moss

Measurements as requested:
460 G&A #2
Bullet: 11.63mm – .458”
Mouth: 12.24mm - .487”
Neck: 12.24mm - .487”
Shoulder: 13.88mm - .547”
Head: 14.30mm - .563”
Rim: 16.75mm - .659”
Total length: 89.05mm – 3.505”
Case length: 76.00mm – 2.993”
Neck length: 13.57mm - .534”
Shoulder length: 61.25mm – 2.411”
Rim width: 1.61mm – 0.064”



Thank you! :-)

Thank You again Daan !